Susan Verde

Susan grew up in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC. As a kid she kept a piece of chalk in her pocket (for spontaneous hopscotch) and her skate key around her neck, ready for the next adventure. She found inspiration everywhere and loved to write all about it!

Now, Susan lives by the sea in East Hampton, New York with her 3 children, their dog, Gizmo and a menagerie of other creatures. Here, she writes books for children of all ages and teaches kids yoga and mindfulness. She is a yogi herself and is still working on her headstand.

Her best-selling, award-winning stories range from explorations of music, art and museum visits to the concepts of serendipitous friendships, environmental issues, empathy and humanity with an emphasis on yoga and mindfulness. Susan’s stories celebrate the unique voices and experiences of kids and inspire adults to let their own inner child out…maybe for a spontaneous game of hopscotch every now and then. Susan’s books have been translated into multiple languages.

Susan is a frequent contributor to MindBodyGreen, YogaDigest, and other online magazines and has appeared on multiple podcasts (livehappy and KidLitTv) speaking about writing, parenting, mindfulness, and yoga.