Steve Sebelius

Steve Sebelius is the politics and government editor for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest newspaper. He’s also the on-air political analyst for Las Vegas’s CBS affiliate, 8NewsNow, where he hosts the weekly show “PoliticsNOW.”

Sebelius has been a full-time journalist for 30 years, working for daily and weekly newspapers in California and Nevada. During his career, he’s covered local government, education, courts, special projects and, of course, politics. He’s also worked as the editor of Las Vegas CityLife (2005-2011).

In addition, he’s appeared regularly on Las Vegas television, including as a regular guest and guest host of “Nevada Week in Review” on KLVX Channel 10; as the host of “Political Insiders” on KTNV Channel 13, and as a political analyst and host on 8NewsNow.