Sarah Maker

Sarah Maker is first and always a storyteller. She fell in love with book arts when she lived in New York City and discovered The Center for Book Arts. Her favorite teachers and influences are Sarah Nicholls, Julie Chen, Ana Cordeiro, and Biruta Auna.
Sarah started the #areyoubookenough challenge on Instagram with the book arts community in January of 2017. Her own artist books reflect her experiences, her beliefs, and her doubts. She is always learning and strives to learn something new with each piece she produces. 
After moving to the West Coast, Sarah missed the camaraderie of The Center for Book Arts in New York City and determined that she would somehow create a book arts center close to home in Seattle. It took several years, but when she came across the perfect space at Equinox Studios, she knew it was time. Editions was founded in November 2017.