Rodney J. Lee

Rodney J. Lee is a poet and educator living and performing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Husband, father, teacher, vet, poet. The bio. Three books: Family Words, A Page and a Pen, and Along These Trails. He’s been published in some presses and anthologies and has performed in some marvelous spaces and places that humble and awe him. But is that him?

Poetry, he says is a passion of his that he tries to get better at all the time. He writes for himself alone, one voice among the people—the grassroots, every day, pedestrian, citizens of this country, the planet. It is they he says, the people, who are each region’s poem, their lives the verses, each community a distinct stanza. Poetry is one way we share our similar differences together. It’s beautiful, he says. He tries to write what he sees and hears. Functional. He aspires to make poetry functional in the community—alive. This has been his focus for his craft for over 45 years. Writing and sharing words, sharing ideas and thoughts, bringing people together, it is what humankind has done since we’ve been human. May the tradition of the oral poet live forever and ever. Lee feels blessed to be a part of that magic in whatever modest and respectful way he can.

To everyone, may you live lives full of poetry.