Joseph Watson

Illustrator Joseph Watson is an award-winning painter,illustrator, and conceptual artist whose urban fine art style is unmistakable.A native of Gardena, CA, just south of Los Angeles and found himself surroundedby many non-traditional forms of art at an early age. Watson was in the middleof a commercial art program at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College when hewas accepted into the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Hewent on to freelance as a concept designer for Mattel and then spent five yearsin the video game industry, ultimately ending up in Las Vegas, where he splitshis time between designing video games, running his own gallery, painting, andillustrating anything you can imagine. His paintings are collected locally and internationally,residing permanently in collections as esteemed as Cirque du Soleilheadquarters in Montreal, Canada, and beyond. His work may be seen at the Joseph WatsonCollection online and within Las Vegas' one and only Arts Factory.