Eric Lynn Cummings

Eric Lynn Cummings was born and raised in Morgantown, West ‘by god’ Virginia, the oldest of three siblings from a long line of coal miners. The first of his family to attend university, he further escaped to Philadelphia, PA, where the urban contrasts and intellectual spheres he was exposed to as a young poet had long lasting effects on his poetry and life. After getting attacked a few times and witnessing a shooting, Cummings fled the U.S. altogether.

Waking up in the Czech Republic, he taught English for several years until falling off of a building in Prague. He then went home to see his mom.

A year later, he returned eagerly to Prague’s then enthusiastic music and arts scene. Cummings spent the next two years working as a ‘language consultant’ until ultimately chasing love off a cliff in Madrid.

Waking back up in Appalachia, Cummings was awarded the WV Emerging Writers Award 2012 for poetry. His past poems can be found in various publications: Grasp, VLAT, The Adroit Journal, WHOLE BEAST RAG and others.

Focusing the last three years on sobriety and poetry, Cummings recently completed his first full collection of poetry. Forthcoming, when someone publishes it. His current works highlight style over form and imagination over story. Cummings has been haunting the Las Vegas Arts District for the last 7 years where he lives, and works at Esther’s Kitchen.