Brett Riley

Brett Rileyis a writer and a Professor of English at theCollege of Southern Nevada. He grew up in southeast Arkansas and spent hisyoung adulthood in south Louisiana, where he earned his PhD at Louisiana StateUniversity. The father of three children, Riley is an animal lover who owns adog and two cats. He has two granddaughters. Riley is the author of TheSubtle Dance of Impulse and Light (Ink Brush Press), Comanche(Imbrifex Books), Lord of Order (Imbrifex Books), Freaks (2022),and Travelers (2022). He has published more than thirty short stories injournals such as The Baltimore Review, f(r)iction, Solstice,Folio, The Evansville Review, and many others. His nonfictionessays have appeared in Role Reboot, Broad River Review, Rougarou,Green Hills Literary Lantern, Literary Orphans, Under the Gum Tree, WildViolet, and Foliate Oak Magazine.